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Stem Cell Cryopreservative Products

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2-8 CELLsius ™

2-8 CELLsius™ is a cytoprotective, protein free, ready to use bio-solution for the short-term storage of cells or tissue. 2-8 CELLsius™ is effective as a cryopreservation solution when combined with 5-10% DMSO (Protide Stemsol™) and subsequently, diluting and removing the cryopreservative solution.

For short-term storage, add cold (2-8°C) 2-8 CELLsius™ at a recommended cell concentration of 1×106 – 8×106/ml. The 2-8 CELLsius™ can be removed after centrifugation, cell concentration adjusted and transferred to an appropriate culture flask with growth medium. For laboratory use. Not for injection.

  • Catalog No. PP338-100    size 100ml
  • Catalog No. PP338-250    size 250ml
  • Catalog No. PP338-500    size 500ml


  • Catalog No. PP338DM5 – 5% DMSO 10ML, 50ML and 100ML
  • Catalog No. PP338DM10 – 10% DMSO 10ML, 50ML and 100ML

Stemsol ™ (>99.9% USP DMSO)

The most experienced manufacturer – over 20 years

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) USP, Ph. Eur. Sterile filtered.
For laboratory use. Not for injection.

  • Catalog No. PP1250 size 5ml
  • Catalog No. PP1300 size 10ml
  • Catalog No. PP1350 size 50ml
  • Catalog No. PP1400 size 100ml


MiCord ™ (DMSO/Dextran)    

The most experienced manufacturer – over 20 years

Dimethyl Sulfoxide DMSO/Dextran T 40
55% w/v DMSO USP, Ph.Eur. 5% w/v Dextran T 40 USP in NaCl. Sterile Filtered. For laboratory use. Not for injection.

  • Catalog No. PP 1505 size 5ml
  • Catalog No. PP 1500 size 7ml
  • Catalog No. PP 1700 size 10ml
  • Catalog No. PP 1550 size 50ml
  • Catalog No. PP 1600 size 100ml



pZerve ™

Is a cryopreservation solution that does not contain dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), fetal bovine serum or other animal protein. Optimal recovery is achieved through elimination of these  components. pZerve™ is ready to use, does not require any dilution or further processing and can be used for cells cultured in serum free medium or with serum containing medium. For laboratory use. Not for injection.

pZerve™ has been successfully used with the following cell types including, but not limited to:

  • Mast Cells
  • Dendritic Cells
  • Mesenchymal  Cells
  • LNCaP – Metastatic Prostate Adenocarcinoma, Human
  • LS 180 – Colon, Adenocarcinoma, Human
  • 293 – Transformed Primary Embryonal Kidney, Human

Please contact technical service for extended list or for other technical questions.

  • Catalog No. 5700 size 60ml
  • Catalog No. 5720 size 20ml

Custom Sizes Available – Please contact Customer Service for information

Instructions for use

Cellvation ™

Cellvation™ is a unique cryopreservation solution that provides optimal recovery without the use of DMSO and serum. Cellvation™ is convenient to use and compatible with cells cultured in serum free or serum containing medium.

Catalog No. 5001 size 60ml

Instructions for use